Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers

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To the one who acts as a mother,

I have got two choices in my life, either to refer you as an elder sister or a mini mom, but I would always choose the second one, cause siblings were what our fate wanted us to be, but the second one, was what you wanted us to be,

❤️ Mother ❤️ 

is someone who raises a child with care and affection, and I am so glad to have two mothers in my life, one with whom I am related to, because of birth, and one, with whom I am became related to, after my birth,
I won’t thank you for being my support, my motivation, for taking care of me, when I needed the most because that is something understood, being my elder sister,🌸
But the real thing I want to thank you for is being yourself, whenever I asked you how I was looking, and you replied with just a word “Zombie.”
Okay, just kidding, I know I look the most handsome person in this world, no I am not appreciating myself, do you remember, you said me that when you wanted me to hide something from our parents,
💕 Our mother taught me using words in sentences, but you taught me how to use sentences to impress girls,
💕 Our mother taught me to always behave good with people, but you taught me how to deal with the people who hate me,
💕 Our mother taught me that parents are the only one, who could understand their children,
And you proved that, by always being there, by knowing I needed you, even when I never told you,

You brought out the best version in me, by always believing in me, that I deserved much more than I presently have,
Handling me is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you excel at it, you know what emotions I undergo when I want to give up when things are not working the way, I want them to,

And then, spread your wand of magic, to make me doubt myself, whether I was sad, depressed, or annoyed with my life, moments ago, or not,

P.S.- No matter how long beard I grow, doesn’t matter if I am 19 or 29 years old, I will always be your baby brother

Biggest admirer, even more than your would be boyfriend.




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