Happy Valentine’s Day | Best Valentine’s Day Story

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Surprise Stories
Happy Valentine’s Day- Best surprise wish

Dear Wifely,❤️
Happy Valentine’s Day.💕

❤️ Six months ago, when your father conveyed a yes for our wedding, I thanked all the God’s in the world. The apprehensions of marrying a stranger came to a standstill when I saw you in your wedding attire.

❤️ Since that day I have been trying to know you and your life. And failing at it.

Soon I realized that your father’s ‘yes’ was literally his. Your discomfort and awkward silence around me was a proof of your compromise in this life-long commitment. I started questioning my ways and intentions of forcing you into this arranged marriage. 😘

You cannot really blame me here because you are the most beautiful person I have ever laid my eyes on. And I honestly believe that ‘beautiful’ is a lousy way to describe you.

But a month ago, something changed.😘

❤️ You were glowing. Your charm and beauty had a new side that only made me fall for you more if that was even possible. 😘We spoke for the longest time on the terrace that day and you even shared your favorite childhood memory. 💙 Holding your hand while walking down the stairs was the closest we had come since our wedding day.

💙The new neighbor got my attention when he came asking for help on his first day in the society. My intuition told me that he was looking for something. Now I know it was someone. It was you. Last week I offered to drop him at his office and he forgot his wallet in the car which I realized when I reached my office. I thought I will give it to him in the evening when it slipped off my hand and I noticed your face in it. The same that I saw on that matrimony website when I fell in love with you. (Happy Valentine’s Day 2019 Stories).

💙I don’t blame you for how things have turned out but I will if you do not figure out what you really want. If he is the one, you have the freedom to go with him. But if he is not, I want you to give me a chance. I don’t promise the world, but I promise that every day I will make you believe that you are mine.

😘 I am scared to lose you. I am scared you will choose him over me. And this is what tells me that my love for you is the purest emotion I have ever felt. This makes me mad and tremble every time I think about your absence. Nothing above your happiness though.

P.S. The cupid should hit us both the next time. 💕

Maybe Valentine 💕


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