Wake Up Ladies!

wake up

Every now and then we need someone to tell us, remind us, shake us, and let us know it’s time to put in work! Right?

I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve appreciated each and every time a sister/friend gave me a wake-up call. Whether it was to help me get out of a slump by reminding me that I am powerful and strong, or whether it was to remind me to humble myself and don’t be selfish, or the reminder that time waits for no one and if I want it I better go get it!

Well today is your wake up call via this blog post: WAKE UP LADIES!!!

We can’t continue sleeping on our greatest, on our power, on our strength. WE have to much to offer the world! Someone is depending on us. Other women and young ladies are depending on us. We are the game changers! It is up to you and it doesn’t matter how big or small your circle is.

I believe we must make a conscious effort to snap ourselves out of all the distractions that attempt to hide our glory. Yes, we love our families and jobs, but there is another side of you and I. Underneath it all, we are all of that and more!

Whew! Isn’t it just a daunting task? Be “all of that” at home and at work, and find time to be your glorious self? I don’t think it is…we gotta plan for it! Plan to be awesome today, tomorrow…Wake up with a new attitude. Tell the world to kiss your ass, put on your red lipstick, and own the day!

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