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20 ways to make your best friend’s day surprise

20 ways to make your best friend’s day surprise

Day of Friendship, Surprise your BFF. Don’t give it another thought. Best Surprise Wish has done all the work for you and compiled a list of 20 fun and exciting ways to reconnect with your BFF and Make your best friend’s day surprise. Pick one (or more!) and delight his/her today!

That’s why we’re sharing 20 ways to make your BFFs day (and show her how much *really* care). Check them out below.

Your best closest and dearest friends will always have a very special place in your heart. You know each other likes and dislikes. You’ve gone through good times and bad. You have been there for each other through thick and thin. And there’s no one else you’d rather call your best friend. Surprise a friend and make his/her feel as special as his/her friendship is to you

1. In the car with your family when his/her favorite song comes on the radio? Send him/her a Whatsapp or FaceTime text and have a jam session, no matter how far apart you are.

2. Make His/Her a friendship bracelet.

friendship bracelet - Best Surprise Wish

3. At your next sleep-over, be ready with a queue of her favorite movies.

4. If He’s/ she’s a Bollywood/Hollywood/Cartoon Lovers Anonymous, grab that mag with cute mug plastered all over it and slip it into her locker or pack a perfect surprise gift.

5. Head to the Sweet Bakery or shop and pick up a big king-size bar of his/her favorite candy.

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6. When you say you’ll write to his/her at camp, actually write to his/her at camp this summer.

7. Let him/her make a plan for the next movie you see.plan for the next movie - Best Surprise Wish

8. Write his/her a note filled with silly jokes guaranteed to make her grin. Pick Up Lines That Will Make His/Her Smile

9. Post stupid comments on His/Her latest Instagram pics. this is best way to make your best friend’s day surprise

10. Visit a place with dreamy value, like the book store or school where you first met for coffee or study book exchange, the bar happy hour where you had your first heart-to-heart.

happy hour - Best Surprise Wish

11. When he/she says he’s/she’s fine but you can tell he/she isn’t, don’t bug her/him. Instead, do something unplanned and crazy fun that’ll get his/her mind off of things.

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Snapchat or Instagram - Best Surprise Wish

12. And when He’s/she’s ready to talk? Zip those lips and listen to what he/she says, even if it’s a problem between the two of you.

13. Pass His/Her a love note. If you don’t live close enough to meet, Whatsapp His/Her a handwritten note remindful of the ones you used to pass each other in class.

14. Invite to play that video game he/she loves but you totally hate. Like Grand Theft Auto V, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Candy Crush Saga etc.

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15. Go with his/her to the party club meeting he’s/she’s too freaked to attend solo music.

16. Show him/her how much you believe in his/her by running lines for a drama audition.

17. If He’s/she’s feeling Lovely, Snapchat or Instagram his/her an old pic of you two having a blast or send a text about a great memory that just sprang to mind.

party club meeting - Best Surprise Wish

18. Make a Surprise Party – Even if it’s not his/her birthday or an official day of celebration, throw his/her a party

19. Ask him/her on a Skype or FaceTime date.

20. Give her a bear hug. Like huge, in the middle of the hall. Just because you missed her during math class.

21? That’s up to you. Tell us how you’re going to make this BFF day, unforgettably, epically crazy fun. We can’t wait to hear all about it!

Doesn’t that make you feel like surprising your BFF? What are you going to do for your best friend? Share and inspire!

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