2:00 AM Dim lights by Aeonian_Spells - Best Surprise Wish

2:00 AM Dim lights by Aeonian_Spells

2 a.m.
Dim lights.
Sitting on the lounge-chairs we had bought together
Ashing out a cigarette
Two beers and some glasses of whiskey down
Our friends leave
And I’m all alone
Making my way towards another drink
I hiccup, wondering if it’s you
Stumbling over the things fallen on the floor
Munching up last night’s leftover pizza
Ed Sheeran on the speaker set
Telling me Pain is only relevant if it still hurts
Is it, I ask?

Another sip of whiskey burns down my throat
Two sober and thousands of drunk promises gone by
I wonder if you’ll come and stay
Maybe tonight, tomorrow, this month or even the next
Seventy-nine days have gone by
I still wear the blue sweatshirt I had gifted you
Funnily, you’ve left it behind
Just like me
With all your postcards pinned to my board
You tell me your dreams were your calling
But my whiskey tells me otherwise. ❤️❤️



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