25 Thank You for Birthday Messages to Family and Friends

No doubt, without family and friends the life would be nothing. If you have a nice and caring family and friends then you should be thankful to your creator.

Have your friends and family members visited your birthday party? Have they wished you on this special occasion of yours? If yes, then it’s a great opportunity for you to say thanks in return.

But, the question is; how to say thanks?

Well, there are many ways to do so but the easiest and free one is sending thank you for birthday messages.

Below I have gathered for you a lot of them. So, pick the ones which you find most interesting and send them to your loved ones.

Thank You for Birthday Messages to Family and Friends

  1. I received so many best wishes from friends and family that I couldn’t reply to each of them individually, just know I received yours and don’t know the best way to express my gratitude. Thanks a lot!
  2. You guys made my day fun. I have been celebrating since then. Your warm wishes and participation really made me feel special. Thanks a lot for giving me respect!
  3. The best thing in life is celebrating with great friends and remarkable wine. Thanks very much for your time. With you my day was so much fun that I can’t explain in words.
  4. It’s a pleasure to invite you and an honor to see you attend my party. Thanks a lot once again. My day wouldn’t be complete without someone like you.
  5. Right now, I count my blessings and the list starts with you. You have been an honorable mind in planning and organizing my day. That’s why am taking the chance to thank you dearly.
  6. Right now, I am sending my warmest and most heartfelt hugs and thanks to everybody that participated in one way or the other to make sure my day is a success. Thanks again and God bless you.
  7. Thank you very much to the family and friends for the best birthday wishes. I am greatly grateful for your time and commitment.
  8. Thank you all who wished me a happy birthday. May God Bless you all handsomely. Have a good day ahead!
  9. Special thanks to my family members especially dad and mom for sparing enough time to celebrate with me. To all my friends, God bless you all for the time you spared for me.
  10. On this special day, I am yet again reminded about the people that stood with me all along. Thanks very much for your time and those best wishes.
  11. That birthday was a Blast, I hardly had time for each of those in attendance but am taking this special moment to thank Friends and family and all those others in attendance.
  12. Thank you for sparing that little time to celebrate together with me. Thanks so much for your kind wishes and love.
  13. On my Birthday, I received a couple of wishes from friends and family. Now I am taking the chance to thank you all for those wishes. Thanks very much and God bless you.
  14. It has been a great day for me and my family. You played a great role to make it happen and enjoyable. Thanks so much!
  15. Hi Family and Friends, thanks so much for the surprises and the fantastic gifts last day. That was the most amazing part of my celebrations.
  16. Thanks to all for making my day memorable. You’re all a part of my life story. Thanks once again!
  17. I really loved the surprises you sent and the excitement you showed on my day. Thanks for your time!
  18. I couldn’t say thanks to each and every one of you individually but now am taking the chance to say thank you from deep down in my heart.
  19. Friends thank a lot for the love and support. My family I am really thankful for sparing the time to celebrate with me.
  20. I am really humbled by the love you all people shown in my celebrations through the pool of messages and wishes that you sent me. Thanks again!
  21. Reading each message and wish was the best part of my celebrations. Thanks a lot for the love and surprises you sent.
  22. Sending tons of thanks to you all for making my day special. You have been part of my team since I started planning till the D-day. Thanks again!
  23. My birthday just wouldn’t be complete without some people like you. Thanks very much for the wishes and reliable advices.
  24. It was a pleasure seeing you on my birthday party. I hope you have enjoyed it as well and thanks for coming and making me feel proud.
  25. Every time I invited you on my birthday party you have given my invitation respect and come to it. I am very blessed that I have a friend like you. Thanks for making me feel proud and for the gift you have brought for me.

Wrapping it Up!

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Have a wonderful day ahead!

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