As I opened the door

As I opened the door, I saw a girl – Submit your stories online

Last night someone knocked on my door.
As I opened the door, I saw a girl, She had messy hair, a beer bottle in her right hand and a cigarette on the left.

Kyra looked at me and said, “When love knocks on your door, be fast, and welcome it with warm coffee.” I knew Kyra for 2 years.

She always opened with one-liners, that I never got in the first attempt.

I invited her in and sat her down. I made her some coffee, and she made that coffee “Irish”. We sat down on my bed and she started humming an old song.
She was beautiful, but her face its like it lacked life as if something drained out the essence of her being. “You know, once I dated a guy who put his fingers in my mouth, some fetish fantasy I guess.” She then lit her cigarette. “Are all men the same?” They just eye my flesh as if there were nothing more to me than that.” “My chest is like a cabinet, it has doors. When you open a door you will see soft things like hugs or teddy bears”

She sighed, looked at me and said: ❤️ “But all you men look at me as if I’m some kind of fabulously fucked-up thing with only lustful desires.” She stood up, undressed and said: “Get on with it, Isn’t that you also want? “. I just couldn’t look at her. “I don’t want to,” I whispered.

She stared at me, then got dressed and sat on the bed again.❤️

I noticed her legs were filled with cuts and bruises.❤️

I asked her “why?” She said, “I wanted to see if someone will notice that”. She then showed me a scar on her back by one of the men she dated. She told me about how hungry dogs are never loyal.

She just looked into my eyes and said, “Just fuck me and get over with it. ”

I caressed her wounds and muttered, “We can just talk.” “I don’t want to fall in love with you,” She said, as she began to weep. ❤️
She fell asleep listening to Bon Iver songs on a loop.

I just sat on the bed, reading, drinking, and glancing at that those bruises from time to time.

Next day, when I woke up, she was gone.❤️

A week later, I saw her photo in the newspaper.
I could recognize the melancholy of that face anywhere.

The news coldly stated that a girl had cut her wrist, and was found dead in her room. “Damn it, Kyra” ❤️


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