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Beautiful Flowers to Give: Roses, Margaritas and Always – Best Surprise

Giving flowers is not only having a nice detail, it can also be a way to bond with our ancestors, to understand the hidden messages in a time when the word and symbolism had a greater role. What did it mean, and still means, to give a rose, a daisy or an everlasting? Why opt for one color over another? Friendship Roses

In this third part of our list of “nice flowers to give away” we reveal their secrets. 


Roses are elegance made flower, and may be the most gift-giving flower in the world which is also known for the best valentine flowers for girlfriend. Their breadth of meanings, their various colors, their aroma and their elegance make them a perfect detail, and a delight to analyze and discover why they were given away in the past and what those who gave them felt.

 A red rose is undoubtedly the symbol of romantic love, that love represents passion and fire. Perhaps that is why it is the best gesture for special moments such as wedding anniversaries, courtship or Valentine’s Day. In addition, it can be given among friends as a sign of respect and friendship.

Yellow roses carry messages of joy, friendship, satisfaction and sophistication. They are ideal to give as birthday, promotions or graduations.

An orange rose is a symbol of consolidated love, happiness, enthusiasm, support, gratitude and success.
Blue roses symbolize freedom, harmony, trust, balance, fidelity and affection. Do you have something to thank? Do you want to ask a favor and you do not know how to start? Transmit peace, tranquility and good energy to someone who has a stressful time? The blue roses will be your best allies.

The pink roses symbolize appreciation, cordiality, positivism, beauty and femininity. If you want to thank that person for their friendship and support, in red roses you will have the perfect gift.

A white rose represents pure, clean and eternal love. Between spouses is a recognition of loyalty and stability, between boyfriends is the promise of a future together and for a mother, unconditional love.

A green rose represents youth, hope and the balance between body and mind. They are especially good to stimulate confidence, peace and tranquility as well as to give messages of encouragement.

A violet rose symbolizes love in its most spiritual aspect that related to peace and balance between couples. Giving violet roses means giving health and happiness.


The premonitory flowers of love! Behind the meanings and the symbolism of this flower there is a story, a narrative that translates a common imaginary and that is linked to an act: defoliate daisies.

They say that a very beautiful flower grew in the field in spring and was showing off everywhere its white and immaculate petals. The butterflies and the bees looked at her in ecstasy, and the insects that rested on her had to promise not to alter her beauty. That’s how the margarita was, proud and flirtatious.

I lived happily until one day a family came to the field and the children, amazed, took it to show it to their parents. She, in her innocence, was proud to have been chosen. The mother then proposed a game to her children: defoliate the margarita by alternating a ‘I love you’ and ‘I do not love you’ in each petal they plucked. The daisy, horrified, began to mourn inconsolably until she died of grief. Before his last petal was plucked, he could see the sweet smiles that his “I love you” offered to the faces of the family.

This legend has given the daisy its meaning: beauty, innocence, love and, of course, sacrifice. It is symbol of the purest feelings that the human being can have: joviality and freshness. It is, in short, the flower of innocence. Their different colors add, in addition, more textures and nuances to their meaning:

The white daisy prioritizes the purity and the purest innocence of the daisy.

Yellow and orange daisies represent loyalty and unconditional friendship.

A red daisy means loving in a state of absolute purity and naivete.

The violet, purple daisies and blue symbolize fidelity both romantic love and friendship.

The roots of the daisy have led to that, in addition to their colors, their quantity represents different meanings: giving a bouquet of daisies shows the love, pure and true that you feel towards that person, while delivering 2 or 3 copies means unconditional friendship.


The statics or siemprevivas, those beautiful flowers but that sometimes can go unnoticed by their subtlety, have a very special meaning for those who receive them. They are perennial flowers that bring a feeling of eternity and strength to overcome any obstacle that crosses our path.

Its aroma intoxicates the environment and its beautiful tones help to transmit that peace and tranquility so necessary to face and overcome any obstacle.

Presenting these flowers becomes completely appropriate on an occasion such as opening a business or a job change, or to tell that person that you want infinite health and prosperity in your life.


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