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1. Queen of Emotions!

‘Queen in Search of a king’, Read her status.

‘My First love’, Read his status.

Cold War Broke.

And, She waged war with weapons of words.

‘Jealousy’, You are really the queen of emotions!

2.  Love Stories

I wonder how many love stories

ended with eye contacts

rather than conversations.

Maybe, She was too shy to talk

or he was too dumb to understand.

3. Adventures in Life

The Ugliest scars have seen the prettiest Adventures in Life.

4. I Discover me.

In you, I Discover me.

5. talk to him

She checks his Profile every day.

Her eagerness never

had the courage to talk to him

6. Love never fades

The best of all is that our love never fades even if fate separates us.

7. She is an art of different Lind

Words couldn’t describe her.

Neither the colors.

She is an art of different Lind,

And the world doesn’t have a tool to describe her.

8. Freedom moment

She took. her divorce paper, framed it and hung it on the wall.

It’s not a thing that should be hung on the wall.

“Yes, but for some, it’s a freedom moment”,

The Dowry victim replied.

9. Revenge

Buried were her dreams with ocean of tears.

Every night, she hears her dreams

scream from the corner’ of her’ room,

piercing her soul with the sword called ‘revenge’.

10. Exchanged their rings

At the age of 23,

They exchanged their rings.

And after a month,

They exchanged their hearts.

In the era of romance,

love after marriage do exist

By ajolas_garden_of_quotes_

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