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Best Surprise Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas for Couples

Best Surprise Wedding Anniversary Date Ideas for Couples

Whether you’ve been married for one year or fifty, planning and executing a Best Surprise wedding anniversary can feel challenging and difficult! But, if you’re planning a special day in advance or even if you just remembered the night before, you can have an imaginary wedding celebration by focusing on your better half and what makes your love special. as you’d see – are also applicable to any celebration in the context of a romantic and lovely relationship.

Well, happily, you can be both romantic and financially smart. Here are 15 completely unique, thoughtful, creative, crazy and exciting new ways to celebrate your Surprise Wedding anniversary.

Depending on what your hubby or queen enjoys, you’ll want to come up with your own best surprises.  But here are few ideas to get your creative best surprise wish flowing.

1. Write her a letter teaching her the “Alphabet of your love”.

2. Create a funny timeline of the story of your love and marriage.

3.  Leave a note on the bedside table saying, “I’ve locked up by cellphone, laptop, and iPad.” Make sure you’re not in the room when she wakes up. On the kitchen refrigerator stick a note saying, “Because…”. While she’s in there, come back in the leaving room or bedroom and place a big placard on the bed saying, “Today is your day. I love you”

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Surprises are the unique way of telling someone special that you care

4.  Give her/his a calendar in which every page has a different picture/theme, but for the same month – your wedding month, with your wedding date highlighted and with special captions.

5. Order custom anniversary keychains your and her names around a heart shape.

6. Make a scrapbook of all (as many as you can remember) cute messages you’ve sent each other during the heady days of first love.

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7. Write “I love you” in different languages and fonts and present to her in the form of a love letter.

8. Write a “143 unique things about you which make me fall in love everyday” letter to her. here again, ideas come 143 means I love you.

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9. Create a “Memory Box.” Things to put inside – prints of your photos together.

10. Strew short romantic notes all over your home for her to find out. Start with one on the morning alarm like set both of picture, then one on the refrigerator stick a note, one on the breakfast table, one of the sofa … go crazy and lovely!

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11. Create a playlist of songs which fit in with your story.

12. Take her to where you first met.

13. Create a photo book with pictures and stories of each of your anniversaries so far.

14. If you have any special gifts for her (like a ring or jewelry) hide it inside the cake. She’ll love the surprise of discovering it from within mounds of chocolate.

15. Best Surprise him/her with lunch at his/her job.

Now the question is…

What best creative date ideas do you have for celebrating anniversaries?


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