Brother & Sister Rakhi Special

“Stay still, let me click a picture,” she said to her brother. He raised his chin slightly and tucked in his stomach.

“be careful, do not suck in too much air,” she laughed. *click* “Here, wanna have look?” she handed over the phone to him.

He looked quite impressed but said, “Yeah, not bad,” as usual. This annoyed her but this was not a time to attack his head and pull his hair. “Okay! now my turn,” she said and ran a few steps back and posed against the serenity of the mountains.

“We can’t stay here all day, just move,” he said as he casually handed her the phone back.

Needless to say, she thought of wrestling him into clicking a picture but then she thought ‘too much audience’.

She sulked all the way down to the hotel. As she was in her room and was only about to change for bed when her phone beeped.

A WhatsApp from “bronkey”. And she saw 4-5 candid pictures of her, happy-casual-beautiful. In one of them she was staring at the sky, sitting on a giant rock.

In one she was hugging her mother.

She remembered the moment, she was telling her mom about a book she read. And her mother immediately said the protagonist sounded a lot like her.

This had made her so happy that she hugged her mom for 5 minutes straight. One picture was when she was trying to climb a tree, another after she fell and laughed.

One picture was when she was sulking. She looked sad and kept looking at the ground while walking back to the hotel. He clicked it then, against the perfect mountain road, with dark blue sky and clouds wrapped around her.
Before she could reply a good, heartfelt message for him, another beep.

“5 pictures and you still couldn’t manage to look cute. ” She smiled so hard that she felt her heart would burst with love. “How strange,” she thought, “he is the only guy who can make me mad angry in one second and mad happy in other.”
Then she typed,

“still better than your monkey face. ”
And you bet he smiled too.


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