Dear heart, I know you’re not okay

Dear heart,
I know you’re not okay. You are just tired just like me.

We both are running in the same track where there is only pain and we both are same.

We are not blaming anyone for anything. We are just comfortable with this pain.

But sometimes I feel you’re more broken than me.
You’re trying to say something to me but you’re unable to because you don’t want to hurt me more.

You want not to share that pain with anyone and that’s okay. Because everyone thinks as we both are silent we’re not hurt, the heart doesn’t feel the ache.

They don’t have the slightest idea of the sufferings and the scars we have. And it’s okay, we don’t need to tell them. Only we both know why and how we both are like this.

Now It’s over. I won’t hurt you again even if they say me heartless It will hurt us for a while, for days, for months, for years and it’s okay we’re enough. This time we won’t break more if someone will hurt us.

My eyes have promised me not to cry. And this time we will be stronger. Much more than the rock of the mountain.

It doesn’t mean we will be emotionless. We will never change but be powerful.

We will sleep with hope and will work for our dreams. Now it’s over. It’s time to move on.And my dear heart thank you for being a constant support in everything, in love or in betrayal. I will heal you soon.
An emotionally broken person



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