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Happy Ending last episode of FRIENDS

Best Surprise !  As I was binge watching this last episode of FRIENDS where Rachel was leaving everyone to go to Paris and said her last goodbye to everyone except Ross, who was her ex-lover, best friend and what not.

what followed after that was Ross got furious and asked Rachel “where is my goodbye? No tears for me? was I nothing to you?” To which Rachel said, How It is so hard to say goodbye to him, and how she can’t even imagine her world without him.

I wondered how often my life seems like the ending of a movie or a TV series, where it looks exactly like the beginning but the characters are a year older and hoping to feel hope, tomorrow.

And how in real lives we never get our goodbyes, after the things we go through, it meant nothing.

The beginning always fades away, and all we are left with is this ending, this emptiness of what to say? I saw the words in your eyes a long ago, you know? and yet it was so hard to believe it, I was used to goodbyes before this.

But this time It felt like someone pulled my heart out and broke it into million pieces.

how hard was it for you just to hold my hands for the last time? tell me, how hard was it for you to feel for me for one last time? Didn’t you see I was not ready yet?

I never wanted to let you go, never. How you never saw how much you meant to me? tell me.
funny enough I have the last memories of us fighting and arguing about something.

I knew we never meant for each other, but didn’t I deserve your last goodbye? didn’t I deserve that one shed of tear for me? that we never gonna see each other?

We proved them wrong, didn’t we? Ross and Rachel, their story about how we always get our happy ending. In this story, our story, there is just you, there is just me and our countless fights and that missing goodbye.

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