Happy Mothers Day to All Mothers

To the one who acts as a mother,

I have got two choices in my life, either to refer you as an elder sister or a mini mom, but I would always choose the second one, cause siblings were what our fate wanted us to be, but the second one, was what you wanted us to be,

❤️ Mother ❤️ 

is someone who raises a child with care and affection, and I am so glad to have two mothers in my life, one with whom I am related to, because of birth, and one, with whom I am became related to, after my birth,
I won’t thank you for being my support, my motivation, for taking care of me, when I needed the most because that is something understood, being my elder sister,
But the real thing I want to thank you for is being yourself, whenever I asked you how I was looking, and you replied with just a word “Zombie.”
Okay, just kidding, I know I look the most handsome person in this world, no I am not appreciating myself, do you remember, you said me that when you wanted me to hide something from our parents,
Our mother taught me using words in sentences, but you taught me how to use sentences to impress girls,
Our mother taught me to always behave good with people, but you taught me how to deal with the people who hate me,
Our mother taught me that parents are the only one, who could understand their children,
And you proved that, by always being there, by knowing I needed you, even when I never told you,

You brought out the best version in me, by always believing in me, that I deserved much more than I presently have,
Handling me is not everyone’s cup of tea, but you excel at it, you know what emotions I undergo when I want to give up when things are not working the way, I want them to,

And then, spread your wand of magic, to make me doubt myself, whether I was sad, depressed, or annoyed with my life, moments ago, or not,

P.S.- No matter how long beard I grow, doesn’t matter if I am 19 or 29 years old, I will always be your baby brother

Yours ,
Biggest admirer, even more than your would be boyfriend.




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