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Is it my fault that I am a girl | Best Wishes 2019

Is it my fault that I am a girl?
Is it my fault that I wear a skirt?
Is it my fault that I wear a saree?
Is it my fault that I wear a burkha?
Or is it my fault that I wear a diaper?
Or is it my fault that I have a vagina?

No it’s not, it’s your fault it’s completely your fault to look at me with bad intentions, to think that I am just an object to fulfill your lust. You can do anything with me just because I am not your daughter , but I am someone’s daughter someone’s sister. When will this world will understand that it’s not the clothes that a girl wears are responsible for the rape it’s the rapists Their bad intentions are responsible for rape. How can we blame a girl that because of the clothes she wears are responsible for the rape but not the person who is doing it.


Every other day we heard about news of molestation, harassment, rapes of a girl child who is just 3 or 4, a woman who wears a saree or a woman who wears a burkha, there is no difference left now. When will we start thinking the other way. Have you heard about nirbhaya that Delhi girl, she was in a bus with her friend and did nothing and she get raped. Have you heard about asifa she has done nothing she was just a girl child and she was being raped brutally in a holy temple and then killed. And now we have heard about twinkle little girl who is being raped in the holy month of ramzan. should we consider it as a girl who is just 5 years old , is it her fault?
Or is it her fault that she is a girl?

We need to change our thinking we need to think it in the right way. If we don’t stop it there will be more nirbhaya, asifa and twinkle. We need to make this world a better place to live. If we don’t start talking about it then who will and when?



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