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An hour back, I asked to google, “is love important? ❤️”
It gave me scientific research, an Economic Times article and dozens of other stuff.
Disappointed, I closed the tab.
Yes, I know it was stupid of me to ask a server about human feelings.
But I still need an answer .
So, I question myself.
“Is love important?”
The mind reciprocates as, “No. It’s not”
I say, “Justify.”
And there it goes.

Love? ❤️

Love will mess up with your brain cells.
And it’ll bring in all the unnecessary guests like insecurity, trust issues, dependency and what not, along.
To a person who wakes up with goals, and goes to bed with dreams in their eyes.
Love acts as an obstruction.
In the beginning, it’s all moonlight and sunshine.
But with time, everything fades.
The sun? The moon?
C’mon. They all have other jobs to do!
So they leave.
And as these initial days turn themselves into weeks and months,
The two minds start unmatching.

The hearts start getting out of tune. ❤️

The sweet music which was playing in the background gets fainter.
And to top it all,
the uninvited guests start creeping in from the crevices.
It starts getting difficult.
Extremely ‘complexly’ difficult. (Get the idea)
The brain starts getting tangled and to be honest, just more tangled.
The dreams and goals, take a backseat.
And those unwanted guests, hop on the driving seat, taking on the steering wheel of life.
Putting in all the wrong gears.
Ignoring all the red light warnings.
Making it worse.
In brief the “bring along” of Love take over life leaving Love somewhere far behind.
The brain stops.
Patting my back.
I say I have an answer.

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