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Lets become a child again – Happy children’s day

Dear childhood,
As a girl who’s just turned 18, you are a fresh and vibrant memory that I feel like reliving every single day.
At that time, bunking lectures, going to parties, outings without parents, mobiles, wearing whatever you want to college and thin bags seemed so tempting. .
Who knew that though you could bunk lectures, what you missed would never be taught to you again and so you sat in the class despite the choice of leaving.
Parties were just about a lot of people trying to be kids again after a long, tiring, grown up day.
Outings without parents meant you had to manage your transport, money and safety. No one would buy you a surprise ice cream or candy floss after someone stole your balloon in the park.
Mobiles made you feel lonelier than you actually were. They took up so much of your time that it was just another addiction you had to control.
Thin bags didn’t show how many thick books were at home that you had to read cover to cover for self study because no one would explain or underline important points for you.
And uniforms, uniforms were something you kept forever and treasured and brought out of the cupboard on a random low day, hugged and sat in silence while smiling about the carefree days when everything was so much easier.
Please come back. I swear I’ll cherish and value you a lot more than I did before.
Nostalgically yours,
Another adult who realized that growing up is a trap.


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