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Hey Daddy!
I talk to almost 20 people in a single day, and about 65 people in a month, if you count for a year it’s around 200 people.
I’m a confident gregarious girl.

But you know which is the only conversation I’m scared of, the one thinking about which I become so nervous?
Its the one with you!

If you ask me why?

The answer is,
I didn’t have any real conversation with you.

Did I try?
Dad, before my third standard results,
The first time I thought I would do good in dance field,
The first time I realized I wanted to become a pilot,

The time I got my first true friendship,
In ninth standard,
In my first breakdown,
Yes, dad, I tried many times.

No, I’m not blaming you.
But I wanted you to know your stress for future is really destroying our present.
I thought you would realize it someday and ask me about my goals, my plans.
But this wait was really long.

Now that after 18 precious years of my life, my dream for us is so out of my reach, I decided to tell you that I’m almost on the verge of losing hope in us.

But dad, I don’t wish to do that.
You gave me all I needed- the books, the pens, dresses, food, everything
But you forgot to give me all I needed the most, yes dad, it’s you!
Dad, I’m sorry for the times I’ve let you down.
But, every time I saw your head down because of me,
I was sinking more and more.
And I needed a shoulder to rest upon, to cry on, and I dream of you!

I’m sorry dad.

I never missed our times together because I never saw us together!

And we just can’t miss our dreams!
Because we see them everyday!

Dad, you and me- is my dream and will always be.- your little girl,

Okay, not so little !
She’s 18, today!

Stories by _cairaaa_

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