Love is just as simple as it is | Best Love Stories | Best Stories

Love is just as simple as it is | Best Love Stories

When I was 17, I had a bucket of questions regarding love. ❤️ What is it? How does it happen?

❤️ And how the fuck can somebody consistently love one person for the rest of their life?

I love momos. So one evening, I took my cycle out and went to this place that serves momos. I ordered a plate of momos and a coke along the side. As I was busy eating, I saw this old man across the street, a beggar, to be specific.

He didn’t have one leg. He sat there on his mat, wielding a container, begging for some coins or food. I kept observing him. After a while, his wife came and, started yelling at him.

Regular marriage fights, like “you don’t give us enough money to eat”, “you just drink and live life in this gutter”, “I am doomed by marrying a man like you”.

After a while, the man abused her and told her to scram. So she left.

Keeping a safe distance I followed him through a narrow alley.
A bike crossed by, colliding with him. He lost his balance and fell.

I ran to him for help but before me, someone else held his hand, it was his wife. She held him, wrapped his arm and smiled at him. At that moment, I saw his eyes filled with love and hope . That very moment, I got all my answers. ❤️

Love is just as simple as it is. It does not need to be hyped or complicated. It’s not simply the use of endearments like “baby”, “Shona”, and so on. It’s just there.

It is so natural, but at the same time, it’s not. You don’t have to find it.

It will come to you one day. Knocking on your door, with messy hair maybe.

Or maybe it will find you, eating momos near some stall.

Or maybe it will find you, in some bookstore. But it will find you.

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