To her new boyfriend by by_the_word - Best Surprise Wish

To her new boyfriend by by_the_word

To her new boyfriend,

I am guessing you already know about me because I remember how she used to tell me everything.

I remember how I never thought I’d live a day without knowing what’s going on in her life.

And I guess you don’t think about it too— a life without her. She won’t give you many chances to think about it, to fear losing her.

She won’t claw at your heart just to see if it beats for her. And soon enough when you’d begin to think of her as invisible and do the mistakes I did, you’ll see her fading away from your life.

I hope you don’t. I really hope you don’t let her fade in the background and assume that is where she belongs.

I hope you don’t keep her up and crying at nights. I hope you don’t throw new names at her face and forget to say hers differently. I hope you love her every second you are with her.

Because one day you may wake up and she won’t be waiting for explanations. One day she might vanish into thin air and you’d forget to breathe.

Does she still prefer tea over coffee? Does she still love to watch the sky changing colours? Does she still love the same, smile the same? Does she still talks a lot? Does she still like to watch horror movies?

I hope you know what you have because I didn’t. I hope you keep her close and warm.

I hope you don’t remind her of me.
I hope you know her more than I ever did.
I hope you are in love with her, so much that when you look at her, everything else fades away. —
the guy she said broke her apart — letters I’d never post // d i s h a



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