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That is not love by Artalanche_RG

They say love is blind.

That it cannot see imperfections, and flaws and bruises or the rotten parts, and that it’s how it accepts you as you are.

That is not love.

They say you fall in love.

That to be in love means to be standing at the edge of a cliff, not knowing how deep the valley is, and yet taking the jump.

That is not love.

They say love conquers all.

As if love were a king followed by an army of knights on steel horses, who would rid you of your sorrows and make everything yours, their own.

That is not love.

Let me tell you what love is.

Love is not blind, love can see.
The patches, the rips, the tears, it has x-ray vision and it can see everything that you are, and that is how they will build you back together part by part.

You do not fall in love, in love you walk free. Holding each others hand, taking a stand, belonging to yourself, like you belong to them.

Love doesn’t conquer for love is frail, and timid and kind. It will sit and wait for you forever if you ask it to, because before anything else love respects.

Love is not a cadge built to capture your heart, love was meant to tear you apart, but only so that they can see, your very being, and still want to give you their all.

Love isn’t compromise, love isn’t acceptance, love isn’t adaptability. Love is just a feeling, of happiness and simplicity.

Love doesn’t change or mould himself, into anything else,
For love already knows he’s perfect,

And for him,
So are you.



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