Scrolling the old pictures | Best Valentine day Story

It was a usual day ,
Scrolling the old pictures,
❤️I came across the screenshots folder,
The things inside were fragile,
❤️It was hard to handle things that were inside,
A flashback of past would come to me the time I open this folder,
Still, I decided to confront my weakness and check how it affects me.
Things bothered me for once, but then,
❤️I laughed for how cheesy I used to be.

  And then the phone beeped, Joy had messaged me.
From the last two months, the continuous conversations with him for long helps me get out of the memories of past.
He’s a sweet guy, and I may be, like talking to him.
❤️I’m always cherishing his words and smile when he’s with me.
Getting over this, he requested me to sneak out for an hour.
Waiting for you, come fast!
The message reads.

Deleting the folder, I put the laptop again in a bag.
The things were unusually beautiful outside the cafe.
Holding my hands, he took me in, and I was feeling jitters inside.
Omg, it was so beautiful.
The red flowers, the chocolate drink, the balloons, I was sinking.
When he bent down, the past again flashed, no nothing same happened earlier, but I dreamt of this with some other. How can I be so bouncy, I said to myself. struggling inside, the thoughts, the flashback, everything seemed so confusing, and then I realized, Joy just finished, I was not even able to listen.

Pushing thoughts aside, I decided to move on, bending down, I hugged him.
The tears in my eyes,
The struggle of thoughts visible on my face,
Tensed him.

So, the present overwhelmed you or this agony is about the past? But you never dated? he asked.
Never, I said to him and hugged again.
Deep inside, I wished to say him that in the past, I never dated, but some equations are so pure without a tag, things that meant to you so much, things that were not named, times that were not captured, everything that is still living inside me.

No, I am cheating Joy , because I never truly dated.

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