18 Cool And Unique Surprise Gift For Your Best Friend

18 Cool And Unique Surprise Gift For Your Best Friend

18 Cool And Unique Surprise Gift For Your Best Friend

Getting your best friends a surprise can be quite the challenge. You want it to be a very special and to show that you love and value them, but also that you know them so well that you can figure out their likes and hates. Most of all though, you want it to be surprise special. so here Surprise Gift For Your Best Friend…

Which is why it always takes weeks of careful preparation, investigation, and planning – and even then, you might still be empty handed on the eve of the event when you’re due to hand out said surprises.

There is again one thing you may know though. whatever your best friend is a girly girl or a sporty sports type, a person who already has everything or someone who doesn’t care about surprise gifts things at all.  it is the truth that it is the thought and effort you put into it that counts when purchasing or, perhaps more importantly, making a surprise gift for your best friend.

You can’t go wrong with the classic “good morning, good night, funny jokes” text, but here are a few other ideas to surprise the love of your best friend and be good to your lucky wallet.

So, We’ve got you covered here with our surprise of perfect gift ideas for your best friends. The hard part will be to choose which surprise gift to try your hand at, we promise!

1. Make a Photo Collage For Your Best Friend

Make a Photo Collage For Your Best Friend - Best Surprise Wish

Very Cute and Unique Surprise idea for displaying pictures of your best friends from home to your college dorm.

2. Make a Best Friend Canvas
Best Friend Canvas - Best Surprise Wish

Show the celebration of friendship between you with this easy to make canvas or small banner! He or she will love it for all time!

3. Make a Happiness jar or Homemade jarHappiness jar - Best surprise Wish

Fill the Happiness jar with little notes which will lift the spirits and make them smile. An awesome surprise gift for your best friends birthday. Especially when they are feeling not good or unhappy.

4. Long Distance BFF Gift

Long Distance BFF Gift - Best Surprise Wish

This very cutest and effortless long-distance BFF photo frame makes a great graduation gift!

5. Best Friends Forever Balloon SurpriseBest Friends Forever Balloon Surprise - Best Surprise Wish

Surprise your best friend by filling their room with rich balloons and pictures, as they wake up on their special birthday. This is best Surprise Gift For Your Best Friend

6. Make or Purchase Best Friend Ever Mugs.

This cute ceramic mug with rose gold metallic printing is really the BEST SURPRISE EVER for your friend!

7. Make Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars

A Cool And Unique way to give you photo gift to your friends!

8. Make or Create Sun, Moon, Earth, and Sky in these fun DIY Element Jar NecklacesMake or Create Sun, Moon, Earth, and Sky - Best Surprise Wish

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9. Digital surprise Like Google Hangout, Skype, Facebook Video Calling, Imo Group Video Calls, Google Duo, and more.

10. Birthdays are incomplete without a cake, get your friend a delicious cake like the customized best photo (Cake With Photo Printed On It) Cake with a unique gift inside it.

11. And if you’re not with your best friend, Surprise with Eddy Teddy can give the warmest birthday hug on your behalf.

Surprise with Eddy Teddy - Best Surprise Wish

12. Surprise your Best friend by decorating your car’s with pictures, flowers, and gifts.

13. Plan or Surprise Your Best friend on a ride of a lifetime in a private hot air balloon and cut the cake hundreds of feet off the ground.

14. Change your best friend morning alarm to something adorable for an instantaneous morning text or sound.

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15. Leave them a cute note before work, heart-fluttering lunch notes, spell it out with cookies, Candy, Post-It notes.

16. Imagine surprising your friend with a song which is written, composed and sung originally just for him/her!

This one song will stay with him/her forever and he/she will listen to it every time he/she needs a reason to smile. Or you might want to gift him/her a video which revolves around the time you spent with him/her and is built using your photos which essentially highlight the bond you share with him/her.

17. Record a video from his/her family members if you are in touch with them and ask all to make a video wishing him/her “Surprise”. This surprise or ideas might be used for the long-distance relationship.

18. Buy the best group or single t-shirt hoodies you have always wanted him/her to wear.

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