There’s nothing more beautiful to me right now – Best Scribbled Stories 2018

There’s nothing more beautiful to me right now, 
Like the vastness of the loneliness
That leaves a trail along my path.
There is something extraordinary
In the fallen limbs that keep swaying,
Like the pendulum that holds us in reality. 
There is a beauty 
In the shivers that follow my spine,
When every little drop of salt kisses my bleeding scars of painful memories,
I hold close to my soul.
Everyday is for becoming an even more beautiful soul, 
Walking in slow pace 
Turning heads gently to take a glance 
At the flower laden path that brought me here.
It all seems clearer now, 
The misty smoke all gone.
The smell of ashes still stays, 
And I have gotten used to it.
Well, I dwell in it.


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