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They had been together for seven years now by Aurindam Banerjee

They had been together for seven years now, married for three.

They didn’t have to kiss each other goodnight everyday. They didn’t have to text each other “I love you” in the middle of the day to show love. They didn’t have to buy gifts for each other on certain occasions to show love. It was all understood and known.

Her way of saying “I love you” was to let him watch the football game with his friends at 2 in the morning. He said so by bringing home her favorite pastries from time to time and surprising her. She knew when to turn off his alarm for the morning and give him those extra fifteen minutes of bliss. He knew when to compliment her dress without her asking, and watching the joy in her eyes.

It was magical. Almost perfect.

Years rolled on, things happened. A missed phone call here, a being late at work there. Some candles never lit, some apologies never said. Some questions never answered, some words never heard. Some nights on the couch, some breakfasts alone. Some broken plates, some doors slammed. Some stranded hotel nights, and finally, some papers signed.

And it was over eventually.

They filled so much of each other’s lives that now when they weren’t, it was a void too huge to be filled by sad songs, by drinks, by workouts or by other strangers.
He still knew what her favorite pastry was. He didn’t care enough to acknowledge it, but was careful enough to not buy it for himself.

She still knew the colours that he used to compliment. She didn’t care enough to not buy those colors for herself, but was careful enough to start avoiding a few dresses.

But then they learned how to live with that void. It wasn’t easy, but they did anyhow.

And if you’re looking for a reason here, I don’t think you’d find it. I didn’t either.
They had been looking for reasons too. They hadn’t either.

Maybe there are no reasons for some things that happen, but they happen anyhow.

I guess they just accepted what happened.
I will have to do the same.
And so will you.
(Okay, so this a very old story I wrote. A year old, or maybe more. So, look. A relic.)


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