Best Surprises ! Top 10 Fun Office Birthday Surprises Ideas

Top 10 Fun Office Birthday Surprises Ideas

Best Surprise Wish to Give You Top 10 Fun Office Birthday Surprises Ideas

If You’re Ready To Throw a Great Special Creative Office Party Then Don’t Miss These 10 Top Fun Office Birthday Surprises Ideas! Recognizing employee or staff birthdays is important for making people feel valued and appreciated in the office. But let’s face it if you do not work for a small company. The endlessly of birthday celebrations can be more of a concern than a joy.

Feeling Festive in the Workplace? Don’t Miss These 10 Top Fun Office Birthday Surprises Ideas!

We posed this very question to your fellow people and rounded up some great ideas to make birthdays special—minus the hassle.

1. Monthly Celebrations Monthly Celebrations - Best Surprise Wish

Many People recommend celebrating office Surprise birthdays on a monthly basis. “We get to pick up a different cake each of month”, “Each person will put on a party hat and we all gather and sing ‘Happy Birthday ’.

Make it very Special: Let’s face it a monthly celebration party can often feel like a common way to get all of those birthdays out of the way in one swoop. these ideas make Fun Office Birthday Surprises Ideas.

2. Surprise Desk Decoration Surprise Desk Decoration - Best Surprise Wish, Surprises, Best Surprises, Best Ideas, Birthday Ideas

What better way to show employees you’re thinking about them on their birthdays than to show up to the office early and really decorate that person’s desk?

Print out pictures of their favorite celebrities. Hang up some funny artwork along with draft banners and balloons or crazy fun stuff like minions etc. Leave a gift or two like chocolate candy in a coffee mug or a bunch of company swag.

Go all out! Some surprise decorations stuff is a certain way to make each employee feel loved.

3. Create a Custom Video

The idea is to make a video or small presentation that celebrates your team member’s personality and unique contributions to the office.

Here’s an easy formula to get a great video :

A. Come up with a list of funny questions to ask a group of 5-10 people who know the birthday boy or girl well.
B. Ask each person your questions and record their answers with your phone or video camera. Important – make sure you conduct the interviews separately so that people don’t have a chance to hear the questions or other answers beforehand. You’re going for off-the-cuff responses.
C. Edit the responses together using video editing software. (iMovie works well for this – and it’s free on every Mac!)
D. Debut the video during a team or department meeting.

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4. Go with an Alternative CakeGo with an Alternative   Cake- Best Surprise Wish

5. Give them a gift card

A simple, low-key way to celebrate an employee’s birthday is by giving them a gift card.
This could be a good option for more introverted employees Even if it’s for a token amount (e.g., $25), the employee will appreciate the gesture.

Just make sure it’s something they’re interested in first before you pull the trigger. An easy way to do that is by talking to your employees directly.

6. Take them out for a meal or Company Lunch Out.Take them out for a meal   or Company Lunch Out - Best Surprise Wish

This might be a good opportunity to get to know your employee better. Suggest that you take them out for lunch or dinner at the restaurant of their choice. Bring along some buddy too so that everyone can join in the fun .

7. Give them the day off

Some office staff may not be interested in celebrating their birthday at work or office, instead choosing to be around family. ‍ ‍ ‍ Or your staff member just might need a day off to recharge their batteries.

Maybe, offering a personal day for this once a year celebration is something employees will appreciate or make a perfect day.

8. Happy Hour Mini Games

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9. Theme Birthday Party

Theme Birthday   Party - Best Surprise Wish

For offices where “Enjoyable fun” is as important as “work,” a theme office birthday party may be the festive event that really brings everyone together.

A few theme ideas to consider:

Rock ‘n Roll theme party
Favorite foods theme party
Emoji theme party
Celebrity pairs theme party
Sports theme party
Decade theme party
Historical figure theme party
Books-come-to-life theme party
Princess theme party

10. Get Personal

Each person gets a card, a balloon, and a treat of their choice.
Make it Special: It’s easy to feel like you need to maintain some sort of element of surprise when planning a birthday celebration. But why not explicitly ask that person how he or she ‍♀️ would like to celebrate?

How do you celebrate office birthdays? Let us know in the comments!



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