A True Story About Friendship - Part 2 - Best Surprise Wish

A True Story About Friendship – Part 2

Friendship:- Part-2

So we became very good friends then and we decided never to tell anyone about our friendship. We used to meet each other during lunch break and at the end of the day of school. We used to talk with each other and I was not so active on social sites so we used to talk only during holidays. But the bonding and trust were so strong between us.

After a few months, it was my birthday and then we were in 10th standards which we call BOARDS. So the date was April 6 and he brought chocolate for me inside a book so as nobody could notice that with a sweet note, “ Happiest birthday my cutie… enjoy your day my bestie”

And yes that made me so happy that my best friend cares a lot. And next month it was his birthday and this time he again brought chocolate as a treat to me but I don’t know what happened to me and I didn’t take his chocolate and it ended up in a fight as he got angry and didn’t talk to me for a month.

So to end the fight between us, I texted him and he was so rude. But at last, he was okay. But he ended up saying, “ yar I want to share something cute. …I like you…I really really like you so much yar” .i was so surprised and shocked because nobody has ever said like this to me. I didn’t respond that moment.

And those were my holidays so I used to check Facebook daily and every day he used to text me “ I love you sweetheart”

I started ignoring his texts for a few days and at the end of the holidays, it was Saturday night and suddenly my dad got a cardiac arrest and was reported to the hospital. Even I remember that the very next day means Sunday was “father’s day” and I was away from him. He was in the hospital and I was at home reciting  “Satnam Waheguru” the whole day. That was the day I realized my dad’s importance in my life. I finally called him at night and he talked to me saying “ Mera bacha, don’t worry and stop crying like babies”

With few passing days, his condition was improving and my school started. I went back to school and realized that I was so alone because no one was my friend in class and Justin even started ignoring me because I never responded to his I love you texts. I tried a lot to talk to him but he never did. My mom and dad were in Delhi for treatment. I was so lonely that I needed someone.

One morning, it was a coincidence that I and Justin were at the same time in school and we were late so nobody caught us talking. I requested him to talk once on Facebook and he said okay.

I texted him telling everything happening in my life and even told him that I never felt like having love with him or keeping the relationship.

He replied “ At least we can try. Why don’t you understand my love for you? Everything will be like the friendship between us and nothing will be changed. And if you will say no, I m going to end our friendship forever”

I was confused because I never had feelings for him but for his sake and to escape my loneliness, I said yes.

He was happy because he got me in his life. With time, my dad was fine too.

He tried a lot doing romantic talks and all but I was a lot shy and never responded to anything in a romantic way. In school, he used to pass me flying kisses during lunch breaks hiding from his friends and I was happy because my best friend was not ending the friendship. I trusted him a lot because he was the only person in my bad time of life. Even once I got sick in school, he heard my announcement that my parents had come to take me back home and he came running in the mid of his English class just to see me.

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