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A True Story About Friendship – Part 3 Final

Friendship:- Part-3 Final

Time passed like this but one day he demanded a french kiss and that was just too much for me. I said no for it because I was not in love with him but he used to think that I was in love. He said in anger, “ Meet me alone and kiss me else I will kiss taani(Nick Name)”. Taani was his batchmate in his tuition from another school. I never met her but she was a cheap class girl who was not a girl with a good character.

I was angry too and responded “ Go and kiss her, I don’t care. I m giving you the right to kiss her but don’t force me”

I used to ignore the topic of kiss for weeks but one day suddenly I got a text from him” I m breaking up with you and I m serious about this, don’t text me again” And then he blocked me that moment.

I was completely lost because I never wanted to end my friend. Kissing was more important than friendship to him. I was lost and alone. He even had my Facebook password. I trusted my best friend more than anything else in this world and he left me alone.

For months I was so lonely because he was a habit to me but I tried to focus on studies as it was 10th boards. I gave my best in studies but I was sad that he was no more a part of my life. In school, he used to ignore me like he hates me. I didn’t talk to him for months. In that time I tried to contact him a few times when he unblocked me but I never got a good reply.

Then we were in 11th standard and he was from the commerce section and I was in science. One of my friend from commerce told me one day that Justin wrote my name on his notebook and listening that made me feel why is he ignoring me then?  He still loves me or what? Millions of questions in my mind were running up as the past few months were the saddest part of my life because even listening to his name made me cry. Seeing him smile with other girls in class made me feel like I was a joke to him. I usually used to cry at least twice to thrice in a day.

I messaged him in the evening that I got to know you wrote my name on your notebook. How dare you do this? What you want stupid person? You have hurt me. You made me cry and now what you want?

He replied “ Get lost… I didn’t write your name you bitch”

I got offline reading that text and didn’t reply. Next day, he insulted me in front of his class that she texts me every day and she’s stupid. From the image of a school topper, they were seeing me a slut.

I cried and cried…. reached home crying…. hugged my Mom and told her everything that happened to me in that passed one year which made me lose my happiness, my everything.

I tried to move on, blocked him from my mind as well as through Facebook.  Started watching TV series, listening to music and giving time to studies.

And finally made new friends who never hurt me and are a big part of my life

And I realized that we must choose was friends wisely…they can be devils too.

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