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Will you be mine forever

I felt as if I’ve been cheated again and I left the cafe not paying an ear to whatever he was trying to tell. Blue followed me but I kept on walking. He pulled me from behind and I was in his arms. “Listen!”,Blue started to confessed that he had hugged his bestie before me many times and that he didn’t stop interacting with them. I didn’t see that coming but as he apologized with tears in his eyes, I couldn’t help but forgive him. 

The next day Blue went back to his hostel. Seeing the way I was hurt when he didn’t tell me about talking to those girls we thought about his parent’s reaction and skipped the discussion this time. 

This time when we were back to the regular distance between us, we couldn’t feel the distance anymore, it felt as if we were together but we started missing each other even more now.

It was 2 weeks left for Blue’s next visit as Durga Puja was around the corner.

We spent the time making plans for the days we’ll be attending together as Blue will be in the city.

We were getting closer to each other, so close that we started planning our future together- it was all like a dream.

His mom was going to have a minor surgery.

As aunty’s operation date was two days before the Puja would commence, Blue came to the city earlier than he was supposed to.

I asked Blue not to meet me before aunty recovers her health completely.

Aunty’s operation was successful but she was kept under observation for a couple of days.

The day before aunty’s discharge from the hospital Blue pinged, “Meet me downstairs. I’m waiting. I promised you I’ll be meeting you on our 4th month anniversary and I keep my promises.” I was left speechless. I can’t explain in words the way I felt. I ran down the stairs and saw Blue standing in front of my college holding a bouquet of red roses for me.

My face was gleaming and I can feel my cheeks turning all red.

As I went close to him he proposed me with that bouquet in front of everyone in my college. “Will you be mine forever?” “Of course, you idiot!”, that’s all that I managed to say.

But, little did we know that these all were temporary.

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