Yes, I love you. I know we don’t have a future together

❤️ The message I wrote, “You don’t love me anymore, and now you ask me why I’m not online often.
Yes, I’m not online because I’m trying to avoid you. I don’t want to be broken anymore.

Yes, I love you. I know we don’t have a future together, so what!
I want us to be happy in the present.
I know, I’m not like the man you wished to marry. I don’t have colored eyes as you wished.
But darling, I’m sure I’ll love you more than he does.

Life is like a straight line, even when turned upside down your beginning and end won’t change.

❤️  So everything is already decided. But we still can hope for a miracle.

I have been backspacing these messages for a long time. I was scared to express. The world says open heart and accept people. But, open hearts is stabbed the most.

❤️ Not all the things I say have to make sense.

I force myself to believe that you don’t love me. But deep down I still expect a miracle.

❤️ And like everything I wish this too will pass.” And I backspaced all.

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Will you be mine forever
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